We guarantee first page organic search engine rankings on all the major search engines for $99.99 a month per franchisee.  There is no limit to keywords or clicks.  Instead, we build a large Internet presence that grows over time.  We make it very easy to find your franchisees in their local market just by doing general industry related searches on Google, Yahoo, Bing and the others.  The monthly reports that we generate show where each franchisee is positioned on the search engines.

$99.99 / month

•  $300 SETUP FEE


We add your franchisees to our exclusive network and position them as our local industry experts. By leveraging the power of our website with over 15,000 business related articles, we can propel your franchisees right to the first page every time. Your franchisees gain access to a high-powered blogging portal where they can publish content about the products and services they sell. When people search in their local market using general industry related terms, like home cleaning company or residential painting contractor, your franchisees will rank on the first page where people can find them. The more content they publish, the more people they will reach. And if they don’t want to write their own content, they can use our partner company for writing services.


The power is in the network. As a franchise, your biggest strength on the Internet is your network. Without changing your website, we can install the same technology that CityScoop is built on as a corporate blogging platform, with each franchisee getting a corporate blog on the main franchise website. With your franchisees blogging on your website, it will grow at an highly accelerated rate. If you are a small or medium-sized franchise, this is the perfect tool to power your franchise past the leading franchises in your industry. Turn your franchisees into an SEO army and take out the toughest competition. Our proprietary technology guarantees that your franchisees will rank on the first page of the search engines, unlike a normal blogging platform.


Huper Optik is a window film manufacturing company with 400+ dealers. We just finished a pilot program using 12 of their dealers to show proof of concept. Before the pilot, their corporate website had very little rankings. Now they are on the first page when you search for residential or commercial window film manufacturers, amongst many other searches. As more dealers are added to their program this year, they will continue to move up higher on the first page and beat out some of their biggest competitors, like 3M.

Commercial Window Film Manufacturers


Clearview Solutions West is a window tinting company that is part of the Huper Optik dealer network. They launched a brand-new website at the beginning of this year, and within just a few weeks, it was ranking on the first page.

If you search for a window tinting company in their hometown of Bozeman, Montana, you’ll find them on the first page 3 times. Their website, their CityScoop blog and there Huper Optik blog all rank on the first page.

Window Tinting Company Bozeman, MT


Spectrum Signworks reported that they started receiving regular phone calls and inquiries just a few weeks after they signed up for our ranking service. With our custom website deisgned to capture large amounts of search engine traffic, they were quickly postioned on the 1st page in their local market for hundreds of different search combinations that would be very expensive if purchased through Google Adwords.

On this particular search Spectrum Signworks has 6 out of 10 links on the first page.

Lobby Signs Naples, FL


This is a noteworthy story because of how fast Carolina Custom Signs & Graphics got a new client from the Internet. Less than 24 hours after launching his cityscoop blog and publishing his first article, a local university in the Greensboro area did a search and found his article. They subsequently purchased an order of feather flag signs and have since made additional purchases. Sometimes we can even achieve first page rankings overnight.

Feather Flags Greensboro, NC


Jack Werner
Signworld Corporation

“CityScoop has been an integral piece in our Internet marketing plan for over 7 years now.  We appreciate the attention to detail and above and beyond support that CityScoop provides on a daily basis to our 300+ operations.”

Paul Botting
ProSource Signs & Graphics

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“I just got my first lead after only publishing my second article. CityScoop works!”

Des Laffan
Carolina Custom Signs & Graphics

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“I got a lead that turned into a client in less than 24 hours from launching my CityScoop campaign.  A local university searched Google and found my very first CityScoop article in less than a day from publishing it.”

Diana Gallegos
The Learning Tree

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“We have more than doubled our revenue since signing up with CityScoop. Our phone won’t stop ringing!”

Brenda O’Toole
Signs PDQ

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“I wrote an article about dimensional letter signs and 4 days later I got a lead! This happens all the time!”

CityScoop VS SEO & PPC

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National Exclusivity

If you sign up 100 or more of your franchisees for our ranking service, we will agree to remain exclusive to only you in your industry. We will not offer our service to any other franchises or organizations in your field. If a small business owner with no more than three locations, who is in your same industry, wishes to sign up for our ranking service they can. We will not, however, work with any of your direct competing franchises or organizations.

Local Exclusivity

We only accept one local industry expert per city. Each franchisee targets a cluster of five main cities surrounding them in their local market, but aren’t limited to just those five. Each franchisee gets exclusive rights to the cityscoop network in their hometown as our local industry expert, guaranteeing no other local competing business will be working with CityScoop.


PRESENTATION VIDEO – Click the video icon to watch our full 20 minute video presentation.  This video is a scripted presentation with examples of owners from the Signworld organization.


Do you have contacts in any other franchises that might want this service? We pay up to $175 per franchisee in commisions as part of our affiliate program. For a franchise with 100 locations, we pay a $17,500 commission. All you have to do is put us in contact with the main contact of a franchise, and you get paid for every franchisee that they sign up.  Offset your costs by referring your franchise contacts to CityScoop.


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